Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What is a hobby?

According to webster.com a hobby is:

1) and old world falcon or
2) a pursuit outside one's regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation

For the purposes of this blog, I'm going with definition number two. I'm sort of curious why a falcon would be listed in the number one spot, but that's just me.

No mention of how often you must participate in that pursuit for it to be considered a hobby. I'm thinking one time qualifies as a potential hobby, two times equates a hobby in training and anything pursued more than two times, spread out over the course of a few months or even years would, in my book, be a hobby.

So, as a New Year's resolution, my hubby and I took off to find ourselves a mutual hobby. We giving ourselves a year or so. Hobbies take time, and time together as a couple, with no tag-alongs, is something we don't have in abundance. Hopefully, by the time we are empty-nesters, we'll have discovered a handful of hobbies we can share in what will then be our "golden years". (When do those start exactly? One of us may have already arrived there.)

If you google "hobbies for couples" you will find all sorts of lists, but I like numbered lists so I chose to start our search here.

Go with the flow is our family motto, and so it will be in our search for a hobby. We may wander off the list or modify a listing to suit our needs or abilities (or lack there of). Some we've already mastered (#222 - TV watching) or one of us participates in that hobby already (#28 -blogging) while the other one does their thing (did I mention #222, and would you really consider that a hobby???) If we were ambitious or say, wanted to write a book, we'd try to sample each or most of the hobbies on the list. I think being over-achievers in the pursuit of a hobby would negate the "for relaxation" element, so we are just going to meander through the list and do what works.

As I mentioned, we set out on hobby pursuit number one on New Year's Day. More to follow......

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