Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hello, 2012! Ring in the New.......hobby. Or maybe a recycled one.

The blog lives! Here's to new beginnings for a new year.

Kid number one is home from college and had a great idea - go out for pizza tonight. And then he had another great idea. Kid number one thinks his Dad and I should get a hobby, maybe because we only have 8.5 years before all of the kiddos fly the coop. Speaking of flying, that's what the kid (soon to head off to aviation school) thinks his Dad and I should take up for our shared hobby. That's not gonna happen, but I did come across a list of a few, or 238 possible hobbies for me and my willing(?) spouse to check out.

Here's a sneak peek:

#13 - badminton


#39 - building a doll house

And that's just from the B's! It should be a fun, interesting and maybe even enlightening year for me and my hubby. We are planning our first hobby adventure tomorrow. Bring it on.....2012, The Year of the Hobby.

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