Thursday, July 21, 2011

I will return!

There is an ending to this story. In fact, all of my entries were composed months ago, before the kids got out of school for the summer. And then I started this blog and guess what? The kids got out of school for the summer! Yep, bad time to begin blogging.

In case I didn't mention it before, the writings that I am posting were written in a "course" that I took called Soul Design, based on the book by Rev. Martha Frizlanger. The weekly assignments follow the order of service and the suggested writing activities are based on that. It seemed an overwhelming task at first, but each week, when I would sit and ponder and pray, God would just send the memories and words flowing back to me as I needed them. It was really an amazing process to get out of the way and let God send the stories and the words. So much easier than when I try to be completely in charge.

Turns out that I am as wordy on paper as I am in real life and since I prefer to read blogs that are written in bite size morsels (yes, I am a food blog junkie), I have broken my writings into several parts, so you'll need to start with part one of each topic if you want it to make more sense.

I had planned to give you an overview of the topics for each week, but I cannot find my Soul Design book. Might have something to do with the kids being home from school for the summer, or maybe I just misplace things. I'm going with number A, but I've been wrong before.

My hope in sharing these assignments on the webosphere is that maybe my faith journey sounds familiar to someone else, or interesting and causes someone to want to dig a little deeper and open their Bible or find a church. That's my hope.

So anyway, school starts in 3 weeks, and unless I decide to do something crazy like begin homeschooling again, I should be able to post more regularly by then. By the way, this "course" was done in a small group, just like a Bible study. If you are interested in having a group of your own do a Soul Design study, I can let you know how to find the book. Once I find my own :)

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